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Thursday, 4 October 2012

     I have been reading a book called The Maria Quilt Challenge by Margaret A. Rowe. It is an intriguing story about a group of friends who sew together and about what happens in their lives as they tackle the challenge quilt.
     I also belong to a small group who get together and sew on a regular basis and we have also decided to take up the challenge and walk a little in the foot steps of our quilting ancestors. We will use the same supplies as the convict woman, 2lb of patchwork fabrics, thread, needles, pins, a tape measure and a pair of scissors. However we are not setting sail ( starting the challenge) till February 2013. We have decided to become convicts and share with each other how we came to be on the ship Maria in 1818.
     When we eventually land we will have a picnic and a big show and tell with our quilts. There maybe some photos along the way.
     Do have a read of Margaret's books and maybe get a group together and do the challenge.